Parts and Accessories

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Part NumberComponent DescriptionList price
3628Solenoid Valve LPG$95.96
1076Modulating Valve$165.00
3722Modulating Valve Coil$52.00
1329Thermistor Harness$18.80
1330Flowmeter Assy$140.00
1331Power supply harness$45.00
1375Pressure Relief Valve$35.00
1412Ignition Cable$35.00
1435Heat Exchanger Assy
1436Thermistor Assy T-In$30.00
1437Thermistor Assy T-Out$30.00
1564RV500 doors (white or brushed aluminum)$75.00
2900RV 500 Wind Fan$55.00
1829DSI Harness$18.50
2000Six Mag Rotor for RV Flowmeter$43.20
2001Plastic cover for RV Flowmeter$30.00
2002O ring for RV Flowmeter$4.50
2003Shaft for RV Flowmeter$10.80
2008Thermistor Assy T-Mid$49.50
2451Exhaust Blower
Discontinued (Use Part Number 3333)
3438Pressure Switch$32.50
3369DSI Ignition Board, includes adapter # 3739$124.00
3189RV500 Wiring Harness Assy.$70.00
3190ShowerMate Wiring Harness Assy.$80.00
3333Power Vent Exh. blower kit, incl. voltage regulator$345.00
1841-RVControl Board w/chip$285.00
9049FProgrammed Chip for RV-500$45.00

**Prices subject to change without notice**

Part NumberComponent DescriptionList Price
1315Burner Assembly$130.00
1436In Thermistor 550EC$30.00
1437Out Thermistor 550EC$30.00
3728Mid Thermistor 550EC$49.50
1841-RVControl Board 550EC$285.00
1375Pressure Relief Valve$25.00
3381Modulating Valve 550$255.00
3628Gas Valve$95.96
3366Flexible Gas Line 550$17.10
3545Water Inlet Tube 550$44.70
3223Gas Inlet Tube 550$10.00
3369Ignition Control Module$124.00
3503Flue Outlet Screen$4.40
3521Flue Tube$14.20
3438Pressure Switch$32.50
3333/550Power Vent Blower$164.50
3388Heat Exchanger$235.00
3240Freeze Protection heat Pad Kit$135.00
3309Ignition Cable$25.00
3328Electrode / Igniter$15.40
3362Wiring Harness 550 & NSP$49.00
3365Freeze Protection Switch 550$32.40
343312-15 vDC Voltage Regulator$88.00
3446White Door$88.56
3531Unpainted Aluminum Door$88.56
3628Solenoid Valve LPG$95.96
3722Modualating Valve Coil EC$52.00
3734Black door$88.56
3670550 Wiring Harness NSP EC$44.56
3671550 Wiring Harness EC$44.56
9049FProgrammed Chip for RV550 EC$45.00
1076Modulating Gas Valve 550EC$165.00
1329Thermistor Harness 550EC$18.80
1329SThermistor Harness NSPEC$18.80

**Prices subject to change without notice**

Part NumberComponent DescriptionList Price
3628TwinTemp Gas Solenoid LPG$95.96
10763/8" LPG Modulating Gas Valve Assy.$125.00
3722Modulating Valve Coil$52.00
1411Spark Ignition Probe 2004 thru 7/2014Discontinued
3328Spark Ignition Probe 8/1/2014 & Newer Model (new style)$15.40
1412Wire, Ignition Cable (yellow)Discontinued
3309Ignition Wire (black)$25.00
1437T-out Thermister (red wires)$30.00
1495Thermistor Wiring Harness$29.95
1749Bimetal ECO 1/8" NPT @ 220° F +/- 7 auto reset at 170° F$24.00
1829DSI Wiring Harness$18.50
3728Mid Thermistor assembly, models after 7/29/2014$49.50
3207Assembly T-Mid (yellow wire), prior to 7/29/2014$49.50
2028Relay, Omron$10.00
2123Tempering Valve w/Flanges, all models prior to 3/2007$155.00
2162200 deg. Bimetal tank Thermostat (Electric Elements)Discontinued
2248Electric Heating Element$45.00
2271“C” Model TT Tank AssemblyDiscontinued
2451Power Vent Blower Motor Assy. KitDiscontinued
246415 Amp Circuit Breaker$6.50
2558Room Thermostat / Wall Mount$50.00
2559190 deg. Bimetal tank Thermostat (Used thru 6/2009)$29.50
2582Bleeder ValveDiscontinued
2582Air Bleeder VentDiscontinued
2735Magnetic Drive Pump Brushless 12 VDC
Discontinued (Use Part Number 3650)
2737Summer/Winter Ball Valve$60.00
27481/2 Heater Hose ElbowDiscontinued
2751On/Off switch TT2 & Jr.$5.88
2838Low Profile Secondary Liquid to Air Heat Exchangers with Two Fans$150.00
2932Heat Exchanger (Specify 'G', 'F' or 'C' Model)Discontinued
3388TTHeat Exchanger TT2 & Jr.Discontinued
2940Pressure Switch, .1 WCI Vacuum
Discontinued (Use Part Number 3438)
2942Complete Wire Harness for TT-2$125.00
2950220 deg. Switch, High Limit, Manual Reset (used w/Electric element)$45.28
298410vDC Blower Voltage RegulatorDiscontinued
3012Complete Wire Harness for TT-Junior$112.00
1315Burner Assembly$130.00
30337 psi Radiator Cap$7.40
3121Liquid to Air Heat Exchanger with One Fan$105.00
3122Liquid to Air Heat Exchanger with One Fan and Thermostat$130.00
3128Tempering Valve (shark bite fittings )$375.00
3369DSI Board (note: units produced before 2016 specify adapter #3739)$124.00
3227Pressure Relief Valve 3/4 npt set @ 30 psi$56.00
3246Retro Fit "C" model pump kitDiscontinued
3264185 deg.Tank Thermostat Retrofit Kit includes Relay (replaces Part Number 2559)$100.00
3328Electrode / Igniter (8/2014 and newer)$15.40
3333Power Vent Blower Motor Assy. Kit includes Voltage Regulator$345.00
3438Pressure Switch, .1 WCI Vacuum$32.50
3471Tank Thermostat & Electric ele. Thermostat switch ECO 185 degree$55.00
3471&3461185 deg. Bimetal Tank Thermostat ECO Retro kit (replaces part number 2559)$65.00
3497TwinTemp Jr. SS Tank Assy. Complete$1,650.00
3499TwinTemp 2 SS Tank Assy. Complete$1,975.00
3650Drive Pump, models after 6/2016$295.00
3722Modualting Valve Coil$52.00
9098Micro Processor Software Chip$35.00
1841-TTControl Board & Microprocessor for TwinTemp$285.00
2004&2005On/Off Switch w/Cover “C” Model TwinTemp$16.60
26343 Way Valve for Hot and Cold Water Lines$32.00

**Prices subject to change without notice**

COVID-19 Update

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